What is Adventure?

What is adventure? Just the other day, I was scrolling through the adventure hashtag on Instagram, as it is connected so dearly to our hearts and to our blog name. But really, I’ve been wondering what it means to lead an adventurous life. The most common connotation when I ask people what they think of when they think of the word adventure, is doing something risky; jumping out of a plane, diving with sharks, or getting lost in jungles. So basically, doing something daring or scary. Well… let’s see what the dictionary or google has to say:

1. An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

2. Engaging in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.


So… by that means I guess it kind of matches what people are generally thinking. But to us the beauty of these definitions is that they are completely open to interpretation person by person. What I consider unusual and exciting, might not be unusual and exciting for you! When we travel to a new place, and experience a new culture, whether it’s biking around a city, or eating the cuisine even if it is whale meat or bugs, or learning how to surf; to us, this is adventurous because we are trying new experiences. But to the locals living in these parts of the world, this is just a part of their everyday life. Their definition of adventure is completely different than ours. And that is OK. In fact, it is what we are striving for at Cheers to Adventure.

To us…

Adventure is finding enjoyment, happiness, love and excitement in both the new and old opportunities/experiences, no matter what course your life takes. 

This can mean something unknown that pushes you out of your comfort zone to try. Or this could mean switching up something in your daily life, like starting a new workout regiment or learning how to cook. If it is an exciting journey into the unknown, it can absolutely be an adventure.

Upon starting this blog and Instagram my current adventure was moving out of the state I lived in for 22 years… 1400 miles away from my family, friends and my boyfriend of 5 years (who at that point had never lived less than 3 hours from me, other than breaks from college when we could go home), all the way to Louisiana for a job. A new culture, making new friends, trying new foods, not knowing where I would be in another 8 months because I was in a rotational program. All while keeping our love alive with so many miles between us. 

8 months later it was a whole new state and for the first time ever, living with my childhood best friend — still living far from my boyfriend (but the love was strong!). Living in our own apartment was something we always dreamed up as kids, and we got to start that new chapter, in a new place, together! Exploring a whole different part of my country and working in different job.

Then I had to apply for jobs, all while planning to close the distance between Matt and myself. Luckily that happened quick and we both ended up in the same city :). On to the next one: house hunting, buying, getting engaged.. etc. etc.

All of these things while planning weekends and week-long travel plans every month. Phew, tired of hearing this? Our point is, all of this at the time was the beginning of a new adventure in life. From seeing a new country, to trying to make a house our own. Now we’re planning a wedding (abroad!). 

hike this weekend

All in all, one’s adventure could mean working hard to pursue a career you are passionate about, spending your life traveling the world and jumping off of cliffs, having the courage to start a family (because it is a big unknown if it’s new!). Trying new foods, road-tripping the west coast, taking a leap of faith and moving somewhere new to start over. Anything can be an adventure. And that is how we are attempting to take on life. One adventure at a time, and to share our stories through pictures, videos and words.

We would absolutely love to hear what your recent or your favorite adventures have been!





I love your interpretation of adventure. I think of it as anything that is different from my normal routine, or scares the pants off me!


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