Offline in July: I’m back

July has been a crazy month. And it’s caused me to unplug a little bit from the digital world. Yes, I’ve still been posting to instagram, but overall a lot has caused me to just concentrate on the world around me. Here’s 6 things that kept me offline in July.

I Joined a Gym

July Goals

& I started taking classes. I can’t wait to share which workouts work for me and which ones don’t (and which ones are good for when you’re on the road!).. 

Ronnie Turned Four

july goals

I’ll just leave this cutie here for when you have a bad day…

We Celebrated 7 Years Together


Road Dahl said “A life is made up of a great number of small ingredients and small number of great ones.” Happy to say we’re each other’s great ones :).

I turned 24


I know it’s not old… But I feel pretty old.

We Bought a House


Probably the biggest life event of July… Matt and I are very ready for this next adventure! I can’t wait to start sharing some DIY and recipes as we fill the home with family, friends and awesomeness. Special thanks to those who helped make it feel like home in the first few weeks. You don’t know what you mean to me.

Survived the Madness and Planned 


Now that I’m all settled with all the crazy that has happened I’m getting right back into it. I was offline for July but now I am planning on heading out into the wild, visitor weekends in Charlotte, 2 trips in August, and 3 in September. I’m back, and I hope to keep up to date on where I’ve been and where you should go too! More photo diaries to come 🙂

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