Main Tower – Frankfurt, Germany

One of my top things to do in Frankfurt, Germany (no pun intended πŸ˜‰ ) was zooming up 56 floors to get to the highest vantage point in all the city; The Main Tower. Since we went during the week, it wasn’t very crowded and gave way to take some great pictures. From above, Frankfurt is beautiful!

main tower

We started our journey from Flemings Deluxe Hotel and walked all over Frankfurt, wandering in squares and visiting cafes. There are so many lovely sights in Frankfurt but this was definitely at the top of my favorites. It is a very inexpensive thing, if you compare it to the prices of viewpoints in NYC like I’m used to.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmain tower

 main tower

The tower blends in well with the city, and you do have a chance to visit this place, it could be hard to spot at first glance. Isn’t it fantastic that something that seems just like the rest, can offer so much more?

 main tower

Can you just see all the gorgeous mix of traditional German and modern architecture of the buildings and houses in Frankfurt. I can guarantee it is an amazing feeling walking the streets of all of these places and then seeing it from up above. Wind blowing in your hair, the feeling of being so high up you could fly. 

 You can visit the Main Tower here. Tickets are only 7.50 euros a person – but they have family packs as well. There is also a gorgeous restaurant and lounge. And also a newly added fitness center?! Talk about a run with a view!

Really though, if you visit the Main Tower, please share your awesome thoughts and pictures with me. There can be epic photos taken at this spot!


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