Frankfurt River Walk

frankfurt frankfurt germany frankfurt

There are some cities you fly into and all you want to do is crash in the giant hotel bed waiting for you. And yes, while we did take a nap since our hotel room was ready early (thank goodness – red eye’s are a killer), just driving into the heart of Frankfurt over one of the many bridges was enough to make me want to skip the nap and wander the city. Strolling along the Frankfurt river was a highlight.

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Waking up and grabbing coffee by the river was so peaceful. Also as a precursor to other great spots around the city – the river is a perfect place to follow/walk along in order to find all the major sites. Some you will have to wander a bit further into side streets… but there are wonderful spots on either side. 

frankfurt river frankfurt frankfurt, germany frankfurt frankfurt germany

There are so many bridges along the River Main, but my absolute favorites are the walking bridges. Some are so modern looking, while others are filled with love locks. We took them slowly, looking at different points on each side. And though it was early fall, the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was a great first couple of hours of the trip. More specific guides to follow on Frankfurt must-dos. 



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