Five Tips to Keep Travel a Priority

So as for a little background information. Because I am not a full-time traveler. I am a full-time chemical engineer, a hopeful future entrepreneur, a retired long distance girlfriend of 6.5 years, a graduate with quite a bit of student debt and a travel & adventure blogger (and hopefully this list will only grow). So how do I manage all of this while throwing in some fun trips?

Here are my top 5 Tips to keep travel a priority:

Budget appropriately

This is a tip you’ve probably heard before. If you are serious about traveling, it should be okay for you to skip a night out on the weekend, to make lunch instead of buying it every day or to not buy new clothes all the time. My boyfriend and I would rather buy a plane ticket than splurge on something useless. We also keep a monthly budget spreadsheet with all of our expenses, and set money aside for traveling – do this!

travel is a priority

Visit Family & Friends

Something good out of the sucky situation of graduating and all your friends spreading their wings all over the place, is that I can plan to visit them! This means even if you have to pay for airfare, the lodging could potentially be free. I’ve visited friends in Boston, Texas, North Carolina and Grenada! As well as some future trips I hope to plan. Not to mention you basically have personal tour guides.

travel priority

Travel in Groups: When You Can

Solo travelers inspire and amaze me. So much courage and skill is required for that. I did love traveling solo for 4 days throughout Arizona before a business trip, but I do know this: traveling with more people can save you more money. It’s pretty simple though; if you split a place to stay with more people, the less you will have to pay. Not to mention the more luxurious you can go and the more fun you can have. I also love spending time with people who I find awesome.


Plan Ahead

Map out the vacation time you can take for the year, starting with holidays that you may need to travel to see family. Then do research on a list of places you really want to visit, the costs, the seasons to visits, and everything in between. Use sites like groupon getaways, skyscanner, gate 1 travel, and travel agents for vacations that are planned out for you. Read travel blogs. They can give you an honest idea on what to expect when traveling, both adventures/accommodations and costs.


Don’t Give Up

A lot of things in life can get in the way. Careers are important. Families are important. But so is doing things you love. If you think your job doesn’t pay enough or you have piles of student loans, it make take longer to save… but you CAN do it and you CAN travel. Aspire to be the best you can be, as you continue seek out the world, while pursuing other dreams as well. It is possible.



Great list! It resonated with me as I’m a full time worker and try to travel every couple months. The fiancé is moving up after 8 years long distance 🙂 it helped with the travels but now I’m looking forward to us being able to travel to more and more places together too


I was in a long distance relationship for 6.5 years!! So I totally know how you feel. I’ve done some posts on it as well 🙂 But CONGRATULATIONS!


This was a good list. The one that I find hardest is to save money- I like to imagine the clothes that I would wear while traveling a bit too much.

Another one I would add, along with skipping some nights out/eating out all the time, is to find a side hustle. A little job that doesn’t take too much time that adds a tiny bit of extra income that adds up over time, and to save it specifically for travel. I’ve used different side jobs to pay for traveling or dancing classes, and it’s a nice little chunk of change to have.


I totally agree and that’s a great point! I’ve looked into dog sitting while I’m home or even selling old things of mine. Great tip!


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