Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway was our first stop on our cruise across the Atlantic! We spent a good portion of the morning wandering around – the city is very, very walkable – even if at one point we got lost.
Sites to see:
  • Bryggen – A world heritage site. It is pictured below and on my instagram, as all the wooden shops of different colors. You can also get awesome pictures from the other side of town (If you walk around the waterway).
  • Bergen Fish Market – Beware: It smells fishy! If you have more time to stay and a place to cook – this would be an awesome experience! I always recommend trying the fresh cuisine. 
  • There are also museums and an aquarium which we didn’t have time for, but they have great reviews!
  • Byparken – a lovely park with a pond & pavilion, very cute pictures! This is where someone shared with us bird feed to feed the birds.
  • Magic Ice Bar – my cousins went to the ice bar (made of ice inside!) – I hear it can get pricey.. but they had a great time!
In the afternoon we took the Fløibanen funicular up Mt. Floyen and then did a hike (with a tour). This is TOTALLY do-able on your own though – we almost wish we did it on our own. They also have mountain biking, canoeing and more up top. The main reason we wish we did it on our own was nothing against the tour guide or tour itself… and more the people on the tour with us were a little cranky and didn’t read that the tour would be strenuous. They wanted to go a lot slower, which wouldn’t have allowed us to get to the top with the time we had… Matt and I usually prefer to do our own thing anyway!
To top it off (no pun in intended 😉 ) there is a restaurant/gift shops up top for coffee, beer, or lunch for pre or post activities 🙂
Check out the Floyen website for all the activities, recommended hikes, costs and more!
Bergen 04
Bergen 02
Bergen 13
We explored by foot, getting lost, but easily making our way back. 
Bergen 19

This is the top view after riding up the Fløibanen funicular up Mt. Floyen. We had time to take in the vastness and take pictures before our hike.

Bergen 24
Bergen 36 Bergen 33


 Bergen 44 Bergen 47 Bergen 48

I can’t express the views of the hikes. There are so many routes,  with different vantage points over the city, sea and mountain peaks. This is obviously why we took so many pictures. 
Bergen 49
It is totally worth it to grab a drink at the mini brewery or grab lunch at the restaurant!! I wish we had more time to eat more than just a snack.
Let me know if you have any more questions!

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