Adventure. n.

  1. 1. An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.
  2. 2. An exciting or remarkable experience

Focus on the second one. Now replace the word ‘Adventure”  with Life. We are making those words words interchangeable. And we want you to join us on this remarkable journey we call life, and do the same for yourself! 

Cheers To Adventure

We started Cheers to Adventure in 2016 as a way to share a life in which you can find joy in wherever life takes you! Maggie and Matt; Chemical Engineer & Accountant on weekdays and adventurers on the weekends (and during PTO). We strive to capture adventure stories, beautiful places and everyday life through photos, videos and words. We find beauty in the exquisite outdoors, the monumental cities and doing DIY projects at home.

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I’d love to join i have always wanted to adventure through life. Just never had the funds and i have a 12 year old daughter. Im ready for a adventurethough. So ready to get outta here. 😁


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