Welcome Y'all!

If you’ve stumbled your way across this page than you have a thirst for trying new things and seeing new places (whether you work full time or not!). Our goal is to never take life for granted and to spread/inspire this mindset for each and every one of you, while also giving you realistic tips/experiences when traveling to new places. 

So sit on back, read about some beautiful places, and raise your glass. Because life is just one big adventure… and we’ll cheers to that!

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So Who Are We?


Hi! Nice to meet you! We are Cheers to Adventure, Maggie and Matt (with the occasional appearance by our pup Ronnie). A hard-working chemical engineer & accountant with a photography addiction, a thirst for travel, and an itch to try anything adventurous. 

When we’re not working full time, we’re writing a travel blog, sharing photos on our instagram, and occasionally posting some videos