Hey there! If you’ve stumbled your way across here, then you’re probably always on the hunt for something new, inspiring, exciting and maybe even sometimes outrageous. Well that’s okay, because we are too. We’ll be honest, we didn’t quit our jobs to travel the world. Maybe one day. But for now, we like what we do and we spend our downtime in new places, the outdoors, and trying new things. We’ve started “adult life” conquering a long distance love, student loans, new homes, a 50 state bucket list, yearly international trips, a budget lifestyle, an attempt at healthy, and an adorable pom. Because to us, life is just one big adventure. And we’ll cheers to that!

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So Who Are We?

Maggie. The main honcho behind Cheers to Adventure. A chemical engineer who’s become a meticulous & obsessive planner, a photography addict and a sight seeker. She’s always on the hunt for flight deals and wander-lusting on places she hasn’t been.

Matt. The guy behind the camera – at least when Maggie’s in the pictures. He’s the accountant to her engineer and the one who brings her back to reality when she’s planning 20 things at once. He enjoys beer tasting, hammocks, and the occasional video game.